A taste and a scent, would stay in our lifetime memory...
During 2011, my father was alone working in China, a friend brought him a gift from Taiwan - it was the orange tea from Hakka which was very special and traditional, this reminded him of Taiwanese culture.
Two years ago, he met the orange tea master in Taiwan occasionally, he was eager to learn the skill, so he can brew it and share to our family.
LIL & TEA was found in 2018, this "Sour Orange Tea" was originally from Hakka, which the quality is enhanced through precise and thoughtful hand-craftsmanship.
Tiger orange tea make good use of special orange peel, oolong tea and Chinese medicine. It helps digestion, enhances sleep quality, soothes sore throats, vitamin C helps antioxidant, nourish & strengthens body.
It values as it ages, and the mixture of orange & tea enhances the level of taste and nutrition.
We hope to deliver our passion into everyone’s heart, this exquisite gift presents to those we love and respect an unforgettable impression. The special tea represents an attitude, it's perfect for wedding gift or souvenir to friends and family.

 LIL & TEA  2018.